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How It Works

It's easy!  Start by finding the things you don't need.

Walk around your home and find items that you no longer require. What kind of things? More or less anything actually, though some items do sell better than others, so we've given you a head start by listing some popular items here. It's by no means an exhaustive list (hey we don't know what you've got at home), so if in doubt add it to the list.

Most homes have 500 to 1,000 of excess items which aren't being used and we can help you turn it into cash.

Tell us about what you've found.

Now take that list of items you've found and simply let us know about them here.

We'll let you know whether we can turn your items into cash.

Within 24 hours or so we'll email you back to let you know whether we think your item(s) will sell at auction. Sometimes we can even give you a feel for how much similar items have sold for in the past.

We put your possessions up for auction.

Over the coming days we'll place your items up for sale on auction sites (usually eBay). Using our expertise, our excellent feedback, as well as our photography and writing skills, we'll maximise the chances of getting the highest possible price for your unwanted items.

We take our cut and deposit your share straight into your bank account.

Assuming your item sells during the auction, we'll take our commission and pay the cash straight into your bank account (or - if you prefer - send you a cheque). If your item hasn't sold then we'll relist it up to two further occasions. Ultimately if it doesn't sell then we'll simply hand back your item. Nothing ventured, nothing gained and it won't have cost you a penny in the process.


Turn Your Clutter Into Cash